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Road Runner 1967 Vette rod

The difference between OK and WOW! was achieved by the Pugesek upgrade project of this 1967 Corvette. It started with a complete reinvention of the engine compartment. A new exhaust, suspension overhaul, new interior, and the addition of a state-of-the-art audio and navigation package make the Road Runner a driving example of the Pugesek difference.

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The Revolution Roadster

This vette rod was among the first of its kind to combine the classic style of the first American Sportscar with today's technology for performance and comfort. The Revolution Roadster has been featured in a number of magazines including the cover of Corvette Fever as well as two books for Corvette enthusiasts that chronicle some of the noteworthy Corvettes of the last 50 + years.

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Big Red 1962 Performance Corvette

Take one of the most popular Corvette styles and add the latest and most impressive racing performance technology and you get BIG RED. BIG RED was not built for the casual car collector. It was built to intimidate. Barely street legal, BIG RED is a fierce beauty.

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1uvaKind 58

Don't take this name casually. It is truly One of a Kind- a 1958 Corvette with a C-5 drive train and automatic transmission. You'll be hard pressed to find this custom combination anywhere else as we've heard more often than not how it can't be done. Well, this creation, custom built for Karl Kudick, leaves conventional ideas in the dust. 

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Pugesek Motorsports
builds custom vette rods from dream drivers to outrageous street rods. Check out the Revolution Roadster, Big Red, and a 1uvaKind 58 to see how Pugesek creations stand apart.