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Custom Vette Rods

From concept to the road, a custom car built by Pugesek Motorsports  is all about prestige, performance, and perfection. We start at top-of-the-line and go from there with the kind of performance and style innovations that will make the reality of your custom car even better than you thought possible.

We're totally custom, but to get you started on your custom built dream explore some ideas for style and performance.

Body Style

Starting with the classic Corvette body style of your choice, you’ll get nothing short of show-stopping perfection. We will work with you to select the right combination of paint color, interior style and esthetic components to create your prestigious beauty.

We use the highest-quality reproduction bodies or restore original bodies to perfection.

We hand shape and fit all body panels to create perfect gaps and lines

We precision fit each piece of triple-chrome plated trim.

We use only the highest quality painting materials and techniques to give each custom vette rod a show quality paint finish



From epoxy primer, polished aluminum, chrome plating, powder coating, and paint work, all of our chassis and components are detailed to a superior level of quality. This achieves the ultimate look as well as durability to last.

C-5 Platform

C-5 suspension with LS-1 engine, manual or automatic transmission, rack and pinion power steering, ABS brakes, independent front and rear suspension, aluminum fuel cell, complete stainless steel exhaust system  

Or upgrade to an LS-2, LS-3, LS-7...

Custom Platform

What do you have in mind? Let us work with you to design exactly to your performance needs.




One of the many areas that truly sets Pugesek Motorsports apart is what our custom Corvettes look like  from behind the wheel. Pugesek Motorsports achieves their distinctive interior look through a ground-up approach - building an interior that captures the best of both the old and the new. Great care is taken in this process and the result is a truly exceptional interior – smart, comfortable, and beautiful.  

Custom fabricated seats

Billet steering wheel

Tilt column

Keyless entry

Billet pedals

Specialty shifter

Sound deadener and heat barrier

Superior sound system


We will work with you to put decide what elements will meet your style and performance needs. Pugesek Motorsports custom builds start at around $110,000.00 and range based on what you are looking to achieve.

Take a look at the top-of-the-line parts and materials we use: Components

We seamlessly merge the latest technology with the best in classic style. Great care is taken to ensure that each Pugesek Motorsports design captures the best of both old and new while looking like it belongs together. 


the future of history...