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About Us
  • We approach each project as an opportunity to do something completely new but also timeless.

  • The beauty of a car comes not just from the color and the finish, but from the perfection of each moving part working together to create power and other functionality. We don't cover up the intricacies, rather feature them as key to the esthetic value and composition of a truly custom car.

  • We value, above all, our relationships with our customers. From the articulation of a clients dream to hearing about a day behind the wheel of their Pugesek custom, our joy is found in the shared excitement of a project. It's personal!!


Pugesek Motorsports, LLC combines the experience with a fresh approach to create the ultimate in custom vette rods, street rods, resto/retro rods, pro touring, street machines, custom restorations, muscle cars, and hot rods.

the future of history... 





Mike Stevenson and Larry: Delivery of Big Red Karl Kudick and Larry: Delivery of 1uvaKind Larry M Pugesek's 1972 Monte Carlo


Troy Pugesek's Top Sportsman Lumina 

Chicago Wise Guys- outlaw door slammer circuit.


Larry M Pugesek grew up either learning from Dad in the garage or taking apart and rebuilding everything from toasters to bicycles. He finished his first car, a 1972 Monte Carlo with 1,080 horse, by the time he was 19 years old. After learning body and paint techniques from his Dad, Larry went on to Crew Chief for a ProStock, adding high performance technology and fabrication to his knowledge base.


Larry J Pugesek has been doing custom paint and body work, hot-rodding and drag racing since the time captured by American Graffiti. He always has a project going whether his own 68 Chevelle, one of his sons muscle cars, or a custom paint project for a friend. His paint techniques and color savvy are recognized among the best.