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Road Runner

1967 Corvette upgrade


The 1967 Corvette is among a short list of American icons. Our client, the proud owner of more than one of our custom Corvettes asked for his 1967 Corvette to be revamped with Pugesek touches for esthetics and performance. As he stated, "I just wont be happy until Larry [Pugesek] does it."


So Pugesek Motorsports got to work on a complete makeover of the engine compartment, suspension, interior, and an update to the finer comforts of a car rebuilt to drive.


Pugesek Motorsports transformed a typical engine compartment with a custom designed, polished sheet metal intake manifold, sheet metal valve covers, billet throttle body, and custom twin cold air intake system. A brand new custom interior and state-of-the-art audio/visual/navigation system complete the total package.

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The Pugesek Difference: creating a timeless showpiece and a real enjoyment driver out of a undistinguished vette rod.

the future of history...