Our Approach


From concept to the road, a custom car built by Pugesek Motorsports  is all about prestige, performance, and perfection.



The types of cars we build are American icons. We build with top-of-the-line components from leading names in quality and innovation to boutique craftsman who create one of a kind parts. Every build is unique. Every car is remarkable.



Innovative engineering to create great performance for a classic car style is what we do best. Our customs are impressive to drive. Our techniques and materials make the finish durable as well, so generations can enjoy the beauty.



It's about that certain look. It includes the color, trim, engine style, stance, sound, interior- everything. We deliver show quality and more- a total composition that creates a work of art.


Pugesek builds are suited to people who want timeless beauty and one-of-a-kind quality. We are also known for performance and styling innovations that disrupt the norms and push the beyond the trends.



It's personal. The process starts with a conversation. What are you looking to create? A show car that you'll take to get ice cream on Sunday afternoons? A high-tech toy? The modern recreation of your first favorite car? Something that defies the norms? We'll find out and help you build from your imagination. The excitement starts on day one.


We'll layout the overview of the build, taking into account where we are starting and what decisions can be made later. Pugesek Motorsports quotes customer builds as a straight quote, so you know exactly what you are getting into from the start. No surprises, no creeping costs. At the same time, our approach allows for flexibility in decision making. We always make room for new ideas.


The build is a collaborative and exciting process - sharing ideas and pictures, making decisions along the way. For our clients, the build process is almost as good as the end product and it's personal.