1963 Corvette - Legacy Project

This is a legacy project in partnership between owner and builder. The goal is to create something never before and never again.

Everything you thought you knew - well we are setting about to turn that upside down.

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Resto Mod

We are keeping the "fuzzy dice" feel to this classic cruiser while elevating it with a modern twist.

This is to gather the crowd for a trip to the ice cream shop or Sunday brunch.

Road Runner- The Next Vision

This 1967 Corvette is a favorite among the owners collection. You can see its last renovation on our past builds page. But since then, the question has always been - "what else can we do?" The answer- create a super car. Elegant and bad a** at the same time with an anniversary all aluminum ZL1 427, stack fuel injection, the best-of-the-best brakes, exhaust, interior and more.


It's a fusion of stock style to honor the original with an edge.