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Pugesek Motorsports takes the style of classic Corvettes and revolutionizes them. While honoring America ís sports car, we update the classic look with sophisticated style and show-quality details. Pugesek Motorsportsí custom vette rods are distinctive in every way.   


What the classic Corvettes had in style they lacked in performance. Pugesek Motorsports has engineered a technological makeover with the best of today's technology for comfort and performance. Innovative engineering and top-of-the-line materials and parts make  Pugesek customs as impressive to drive as it is to admire.



Custom engineering, hand fabrication, and attention to every detail make Pugesek customs perfect inside and out.  The quality is unmatched. The seamless merging of the best of old and new is what makes our creations truly revolutionary.   


Pugesek Motorsports
Builds custom corvettes, vette rods, resto mods, street rods and muscle cars for drivers who want the best in performance quality and show stopping style.

the future of history... 



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